Not too long ago, we shared a blog post that explained how important it is to care for your battery when it’s cold outside. That post included some specific things you can do year-round to tend to your battery. As a North Aurora, IL Subaru dealer, we’ll share some key ways that you can ensure your battery is up to par.

In this post, we’re going to share the steps you should follow to perform a battery check. Now that spring is here, it’s a good time for you to perform this quick and easy inspection on your car’s battery. In fact, you should make it a point to do this at the start of every season throughout the year.

Whether you drive a Subaru Forester or Subaru Impreza, you should begin your battery check by inspecting it for corrosion. If you do see corrosion on the battery itself or any of the cables, you’ll need to clean it off. You can do so by using a tablespoon of baking soda mixed in a cup of water and a nonmetallic brush. Be sure you disconnect your battery before you clean it.

Once you’ve finished this first step, you’ll want to inspect your battery’s case for cracks. If you notice any, make an appointment in our Subaru service center near Elgin, IL. Our team of technicians can further inspect the case and determine the next plan of action.

Checking the battery’s charge is also recommended, but we can take care of that here! In fact, we can perform a full inspection in no time at all. Bring your car to Gerald Subaru of North Aurora for a battery check today—we can’t wait to help!